BCCM offers a range of services designed to expertly, efficiently and reliably meet our clients’ needs. We go above and beyond to ensure project goals are met by getting ahead of issues, proffering viable solutions and delivering exceptional results.

Code Zoning and Consulting

We expertly and comprehensively review zoning, historic preservation, site planning, energy conservation, and life safety standards to ensure project compliance.

Due Diligence And

We conduct all research and assessment before a project starts to evaluate risks and issues and ensure a smooth execution.

Violation Research And Dismissal

We research, propose, and resolve all previously issued and open violations against client properties.

Municipal Filings And Approvals

We coordinate and prepare required filings with appropriate municipal agencies as determined by the project scope.

Special Inspections Project Coordination

We plan the inspection of construction that requires the expertise of an approved special inspector to ensure compliance with code and approved documents.

Electronic Documents Management

We maintain detailed records of all electronic communications, documents and files, and ensure our clients have ready access to them.

Specialized Services

Permit Expediting


As full-service consultants we take a project from start to finish by consulting with design professionals to provide expertise and knowledge about the permitting process. Our full service includes due diligence, research, zoning, owner representation during the application process and ongoing consultation during the project. On average we have shortened the permitting process for our clients by thirty percent.

Peer Review


We employ a team of reviewers in every discipline including zoning, life safety (fire department) compliance, environmental, building, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and engineering. Our team reviews the plans for compliance according to building code and local laws in each jurisdiction.

Expert Witness


As an expert witness, we provide research, review, and consultation services as it pertains to construction codes and processes.

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