Shellie Ransom-Jackson

Shellie Ransom-Jackson is the managing member of Benchmark Construction Consulting & Management LLC. With over twenty years of experience as a Florida certified general contractor, she has the distinct honor of being the first African American female certified building official in the State of Florida. Ransom-Jackson utilizes her practical construction knowledge, gained through many years of public administration experience, to assist clients in navigating the bureaucracy associated with development. She and her staff work closely with architects, contractors, owners, and governmental entities to serve as an effective conduit between private and public sectors.


Ransom-Jackson believes in “measuring twice to cut once” and “serving with compassion.” Often asked if she is a teacher, she uniquely serves her clients by educating them about the development process because “education is empowerment, and empowerment is freedom.” Ransom-Jackson is fiercely focused on working for clients in a way that gives clarity and minimizes time, effort and money. Her goal is to always go the extra mile by delving into the details to ensure that both client objectives and building standards are met efficiently, properly and with ease. Ransom-Jackson has a passion for the communities she serves and ultimately desires to revive economically depressed areas through development and education, and restore civil engagement and pride in home ownership.